The Last Post (Probably)

Welcome to my first, and probably last, blog post!  I’m not going to introduce myself because, at this stage of the game, you are probably here because you already know me.  Now that the non-introductions are out of the way, Your next question may be, “What is this blog about?”  An excellent question.  My lovely bride tells me that successful blogs need to have a distinct theme or direction.  Over the course of this blog, I may even figure out what that theme is.  Not likely though, because this is probably my last post.

I’m starting this blog because most evenings, after I’ve checked Facebook and maybe a little Pinterest, I sit in front of the TV and do not learn to play an instrument or how to speak a foreign language.  If Jenn (that’s my lovely bride) is watching something awful on TV (and most of TV is awful (Except you, HBO; you are wonderful!), I tend to play Flash games.  After all, those zombies ain’t going to shoot themselves.  Writing this blog will exercise my brain and posting it to the internet will give the whole world something new to roll their eyes at.  Of course, the whole world won’t have much time to roll their eyes at me, since this is probably my last post.

I have, in the past, been accused of being a pretty good writer.  I did win a short story contest in the 6th grade.  I won a gift certificate (this was before gift ‘cards’) to The Book Place.  The Book Place was a tiny independent book shop in the town where I grew up.  Primarily, I bought Piers Anthony and Truly Tasteless Joke Books there. (Have you heard about the new restaurant, Kentucky Freud Chicken?  It’s motherfuckin‘ good!)  I recall going there once and my mom or sister commenting on a new release that they had on a little stand by the register.  The clerk told my mom or sister that she could take the book for free so long as she came back and told them how it was.  I don’t expect to see Borders doing that anytime soon.  Sadly, The Book Place has been gone for years.  Their run was longer than this blog’s will probably be.

Another thing Jenn told me is that your first post doesn’t necessarily have to be that good.  That is a great news, because what the heck is up with that paragraph?  Free books?  Dirty jokes?  Wow.  Tangent much?  Don’t worry, this post will be over soon, and the blog probably will be, too.

So basically, there is no direction for this blog.  Not that big of a deal, since this is probably the last post.  In the unlikely event that there are future posts, they could be about a range of topics.  At this moment, we’re probably looking at some squirrel photography posts, maybe some posts about why the beer I like is better than the beer you like, perhaps a post on why I don’t like doing dishes.  Once the weather starts to be more consistently warm, you might see some posts on cycling and running (which I seem to be doing much less of).  And maybe this year I’ll get out and play some more paintball.  Then instead of coming home and boring Jenn with stories about it, I’ll bore the whole world with stories about it!  Not likely, though. This is probably the last post.

Love you guys,


P.S. The dog just farted.  It smells bad.

7 thoughts on “The Last Post (Probably)

  1. Best blog post ever

    PS Dog farts are terrible.

  2. Marissa Orlowski says:

    I love it….looking forward to your next last post 🙂

  3. Sue Gelber says:

    You’ve set a new standard by which all first/last blog posts will now be measured. Good job.

  4. Deb Gohr says:

    I enjoy your humor. Do more of it.

  5. Christine says:

    Seinfeld made a hit show about nothing. Go for it…..

  6. Brian says:

    I did laugh out loud about the KFC joke, and want to share it at work, though I probably shouldn’t…

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